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Gerry Dungan

Gerry Dungan

As a beginner guitar player and an adult student, I am fortunate to have found David Joel as a teacher. Courteous professionalism, a personable nature and an obvious love of sharing his musical talents make taking lessons with David the highlight of my week. During his lessons, David teaches with years of experience, marked by an unparalleled patience and sincere encouragement, which have helped me steadily progress in my musical skills beyond what I thought I was capable of. Far from the static use of rote memorization, David’s lessons are dynamic and full of life. He often illustrates the more difficult concepts with lessons he himself has learned from his higher education in music, as well as his exciting career and life as a professional musician. After every lesson, I am made to feel proud of the accomplishments David guided me toward that week, and want to practice even more for the next lesson. As he often says, we are professional music students to him.