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Jeff Sheerin

Jeff Sheerin

I first took guitar lessons with David about 6 years ago. At that point I had been playing for about 5 years, and my playing was certainly not where it needed to be. I came to David with an open mind and an absolute desire to learn the instrument my hands had awkwardly gripped for half of a decade. I remember he asked, “Well what are your goals, what kind of music are you leaning towards?” I answered David by saying, “I just want to learn the instrument.”At that point I never knew how to read music, and six years later, I swear by learning to read, no matter what instrument one plays. Aside from the exercises and theory, just learning to read music took my playing to a brand new level.

The phrase, “pays attention to detail” is somewhat trite. However, David is the epitome of that notion. When striving for perfection, it’s absolutely necessary to have someone other than yourself to push you to be better at what you do, and provide support and encouragement when you have things right.Lastly, I’ve found that David is an excellent mentor, whether he means to be one or not. As musicians and human beings, we all go through tough times. Aside from being life for some of us, Music is a medium for life. An instructor with vast life experience like David, who is willing to share his thoughts and his ear, is very difficult to come by, and this is what sets him apart from any college professor I’ve ever had.

David will lead you through your musical studies, but one’s success almost entirely depends on their effort, time, and willingness.