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John Lipartito

John Lipartito

When I started studying with David Joel I was not sure where I was, or where I needed to go musically. Years of lessons from incompetent teachers at music stores had left me frustrated and confused about learning to really play music. Before I even began my lessons, David first got an assessment of my goals, abilities, and musical interests, which he used to develop a plan of study that would suit my individual needs. His teaching experience and formal education really shined through from the very first lesson, where he explained the steps I could take to reach my goals, and then began putting me on the right path. Over the two years that I studied with David Joel, I have grown more than I could imagine. With his help, I learned how to play the things I wanted to and take part in multiple musical groups that might have left me embarrassed and confused before. He also helped me successfully audition for Rowan University’s music program, and has given me the preparation that I need for an optimal college experience. I recommend David Joel to anyone with the desire to play music and I am confident that he will be just as patient, helpful, and inspirational for you as he was for me.